Lime Chilli Chicken

It all seems to be about chilli at the moment.  And chicken.  I love both, of course. This really easy three ingredient marinade for lime chilli chicken takes no time at all to make and tastes great – a perfect bright marinade for chicken with a chilli kick, great on a hot summer evening.Continue reading

Sweet chilli sauce in a flash

I first made this sweet chilli sauce on my ski season.  It was about an hour before service and I’d run out of the batch we’d made at the start of the season – as had the chalet next door.  There was no time to pop to the shops and nothing to borrow from next door.  The only option – come up with something else, fast.  Enter this super simple sweet chilli sauce recipe.  Tweaked since my ski season, I’ve changed this up a little bit to my taste.Continue reading