Apple Sauce - Pan and Bottle

So this Sunday we were having pork for dinner, cooked by my girlfriend’s mother.  I absolutely love apple sauce with pork and have done since I was a kid.  So I thought I’d have a go at making some apple sauce to accompany the pork.  It tasted pretty great and went down really well with everyone at the table!  Read on to find out more and get the recipe.Continue reading

Lime Chilli Chicken

It all seems to be about chilli at the moment.  And chicken.  I love both, of course. This really easy three ingredient marinade for lime chilli chicken takes no time at all to make and tastes great – a perfect bright marinade for chicken with a chilli kick, great on a hot summer evening.Continue reading

Sweet chilli sauce in a flash

I first made this sweet chilli sauce on my ski season.  It was about an hour before service and I’d run out of the batch we’d made at the start of the season – as had the chalet next door.  There was no time to pop to the shops and nothing to borrow from next door.  The only option – come up with something else, fast.  Enter this super simple sweet chilli sauce recipe.  Tweaked since my ski season, I’ve changed this up a little bit to my taste.Continue reading

Easy peasy raspberry coulis/sauce

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a new recipe.  Since my last post, I’ve been on holiday for two weeks, spent four days in the South of France at a wedding and had a few job interviews.  It’s been a busy last few weeks!

Tomorrow evening I’m popping to town to go and visit some old Uni friends.  We’re going for a picnic which should be lovely!  As I’m currently spending most of my time at home preparing for interviews, speaking to recruiters and agonising over my latest cover letter, I thought it would be nice to take a little time out and make something for my contribution.

I’m making a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (which was voted cheesecake of the season by some colleagues, nonetheless).  This is served with a lovely and super easy raspberry coulis.  So whilst the cheesecake isn’t really within the remit of what I intended for the blog, the raspberry coulis is – it’s kind of a sauce, after all!Continue reading

Pan and Bottle's "Bramblin" - during the infusion

The “Bramblin” as I have named it, is my infusion homage to one of my favourite cocktails, the Bramble.

The Bramble cocktail is gin based, with some nice summer fruit flavours and served over crushed ice in a low ball glass. This Bramblin infusion takes around 2-4 weeks to infuse (I left mine for just over 2 weeks). When finished, it’s pretty special.Continue reading

Franks Original Hot Sauce - key ingredient in Buffalo Wing Sauce

For a while now, I’ve been dying to have some chicken wings with a good buffalo wing sauce.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I’d hazard a guess that it’s pretty much down to the fact that I missed this type of food a lot when I was in France for a ski season.  A good dose of chicken with Buffalo wing sauce definitely wasn’t on the menu in a high end luxury catered chalet.  Not that I’m complaining about the amazing Duck Confit, Cheesecake or Pot Roasted Pork I cooked every week (among other things)!

I think part of it also has to do with the fact I’m currently searching for a job now I’m back in the UK.  In between phone calls, interviews, applications and so on, food is pretty often high on the agenda..!

After had a chat with a friend the other night, who is probably into this type of cuisine a lot more than me (see his Instagram here).  He recommended using Frank’s Original as the base for the sauce.  So, I looked up a few recipes to get a feel for the ingredients and whipped one together.Continue reading