Coffee and Orange Bourbon

I love coffee.  Every morning after waking up and getting dressed for the day, I grind my beans, get my Bialetti ready and brew a cup to start the day.  It only seemed right, therefore, that I tried an infusion involving the beautiful black stuff.

This is a tale of an experiment not working out.  Of failure and learning.  It’ll go better next time – but before then, I thought I’d share with you why I thought this time it didn’t go so well!Continue reading

Apple Pie Bourbon - before the infusion

Apple Pie Bourbon - before the infusionI’ve wanted to try this Apple Pie Bourbon recipe from Boozed and Infused for a while now.  So I headed to the shops and got myself some Bourbon and a few other bits for the recipe.

A vanilla pod, some cinnamon sticks and some green apples.  A pretty easy and very tasty sounding infusion.

As per most of my infusions, this one will take a good few weeks, so I won’t post the recipe until it’s finished – just in case I need to tweak it at all.  I found with the bourbon infusions I’ve done before that I needed to add a little sugar syrup at the end, which I guess you could call cheating when it comes to infusions, but I quite like adding the sweetness.Continue reading