Pan and Bottle's "Bramblin" - during the infusion

The “Bramblin” as I have named it, is my infusion homage to one of my favourite cocktails, the Bramble.

The Bramble cocktail is gin based, with some nice summer fruit flavours and served over crushed ice in a low ball glass. This Bramblin infusion takes around 2-4 weeks to infuse (I left mine for just over 2 weeks). When finished, it’s pretty special.Continue reading

Pan and Bottle's "Bramblin" - before the infusion

Pan and Bottle's "Bramblin" - before the gin infusion beginsSo today I thought I’d try something completely new for my first “proper” post – a gin infusion!

I’ve tried infusions before, of course – but usually using Bourbon.  I love gin, but usually just have it as a cocktail – I particularly like it with cucumber, lemon juice and ginger beer.  It sounds a little strange, but I promise – it’s fantastic.

But that’s a little beside the point.  My all time favourite cocktail is called “The Bramble”.  There’s a great recipe on the BBC Food website here.  It’s a yummy gin based cocktail with lemon and blackberries – plus a few other bits and pieces.  So I thought my first ever gin infusion should be based on my favourite gin based cocktail.Continue reading