My first gin infusion – the “Bramblin”

Pan and Bottle's "Bramblin" - before the gin infusion beginsSo today I thought I’d try something completely new for my first “proper” post – a gin infusion!

I’ve tried infusions before, of course – but usually using Bourbon.  I love gin, but usually just have it as a cocktail – I particularly like it with cucumber, lemon juice and ginger beer.  It sounds a little strange, but I promise – it’s fantastic.

But that’s a little beside the point.  My all time favourite cocktail is called “The Bramble”.  There’s a great recipe on the BBC Food website here.  It’s a yummy gin based cocktail with lemon and blackberries – plus a few other bits and pieces.  So I thought my first ever gin infusion should be based on my favourite gin based cocktail.

It’s a pretty easy one to do, but it’ll take some time before I get to taste the fruits of my labour.  When I come back to it in four or so weeks time, I’ll give a full run down of how it tastes and upload the recipe I used for this one too (just in case I add a sugar syrup or something like that at the end to give it a final sparkle).

In the meantime, I’ve already named this one the Bramblin – a cross between Bramble and Gin.  It’s not quite a bramble, but it’s not quite gin either, so Bramblin seemed appropriate for this one.

I’m pretty excited about my first ever gin infusion – if you’ve tried anything similar or have any suggestions for future infusions, please let me know in the comments!