It’s been a while

Rather than looking at exactly how long it’s been since something was last added to Pan and Bottle, let’s just say it’s been too long. Far too long. It’s been a busy few months – a new job and moving home certainly take up a fair amount of time. But that’s no excuse! So I thought it high time for a new recipe or two.

This weekend an entire Saturday was spent in the kitchen creating two sauces – a habanero and chipotle ketchup, which was then used as a (somewhat spicy) base for my new favourite barbecue sauce.

In between stirring sauces, I also set up a YouTube channel. I thought it could be nice to make a few videos of the recipes to supplement the blog posts to add a little more colour and explanation. I’ll also use it to share some of my favourite videos I’ve used to teach myself how to do certain things, or to add explanation to the latest kitchen gadget I may be using and what the heck it actually does.

At the moment, all that’s on the channel is the Pan and Bottle logo. I promise that will change over the next couple of weeks as I get around to updating it, building a few playlists and uploading my first video! In the meantime you can see the Pan and Bottle YouTube channel here.

So, apologies it’s been too long. The new recipes will be ready and up in the next couple of weeks. Let’s not leave it this long again!